5 Building Trends in 2021

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4 min readMay 14, 2021


Exploring outdoor space design options

Utilize your outdoor space

Restaurants and other social gathering spaces have already started working on designing such spaces that will allow for safety where customers and guests can interact without worrying about putting themselves at risk or breaking health guidelines stipulated by the government.

Offices and other business spaces have also looked into this option by checking out available space at rooftops and how the spaces can be turned into lunch areas interaction areas for employees.

Nature (Biophilic offices)

Go Green

Not all companies or businesses have the luxury of trying out different ideas on how to utilize their roof top or outdoor space. This then leaves most of them with having to figure out how to make the best out of their current space. Having a small space doesn’t mean that it cannot be transformed into a healthy space. Biophilic approaches. Bringing in plants or building with natural features like wood and stone can create a feeling of outside when working inside an office space. Research has proven over and over that these kinds of settings generally improve the mood of employees. The past year and a couple of months have been and continue to be quite stressful for most people all over the world. Anything that can improve your mood while at work should not pass by you. Take advantage!

Improved air filtration and air conditioning systems

Evaluate your Air Filtration system

As we have come to learn and understand, the spread of COVID-19, it has become extremely important for businesses to improve on air quality inside their commercial spaces. Of course, this goes hand in hand with ensuring a small number of employees in the space at a given time. The old air conditioning system has also been evaluated by experts on its efficiency. Experts now encourage businesses to invest in systems that extract indoor air and filter in fresh outdoor air instead of systems that recirculate the air inside.

Over time, open office spaces started using glass partitions for extra safety too.

Building using environmentally safe materials

Build efficiently

Over the years, Companies building new commercial spaces have always been advised to consider using eco-friendly building materials that do none or less harm to the environment. This recommendation is important now more than ever before. As we continue to search for ways to reduce the accelerated damage that is leading to global warming and terrible air quality, builders are choosing environmentally safe building methods such as;

· Switching to solar-panel-energy

· Using LED lighting systems

· Investing in water-efficient appliances especially in restaurants and other social businesses.

· Recycling metal and wood for re-building or doing maintenance works

· Building with reclaimed wood- previously used wood that has been repurposed for new construction

Exploring integrated technology

Less chairs, more screens

Even before the pandemic, companies had already started incorporating technology in their day-to-day activities. Companies have been working with employees who are located in different parts in the country. Sometimes different parts in the world.

Now, with the pandemic as well as the on and off travel restrictions, communication among employees is extremely important. Commercial builders, architects and designers are incorporating these elements of integrated technology from the very start.

Engineers, architects, commercial building designers and interior design and building companies like Sahihi Interior Builders are well aware of these trends and continue to research and find more cost-effective options to build functional spaces that are safe and sustainable.



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