The challenges we have faced this year have helped to remind us that we are all connected. That we are an incredibly powerful force towards each other, and that all of us have to be concerned about the welfare of those around us who are struggling to make ends meet. We want to make sure that Kenya remains for all Kenyans by staying engaged with the needs in our community — caring for those around us.

This basic principle has led us into staying consistent with our feeding initiative that we started over 30 weeks ago. We identified a need for food among families in Mathare and Huruma areas who were heavily affected when the pandemic hit, and the country went into total lockdown. None of these families had a planned-out strategy of how to continue getting food on the table since they fully depended on the money that they made at the end of each day.

A small group of committed donors have contributed Ksh. 76,000 to our Feeding Program to inspire others to give. We designed a plan to serve this basic need and support these families for as long as they needed until they are able to get back on their feet. So far, we have succeeded in feeding a total of 1,285 families at a total cost of Ksh. 227, 675 can you help keep the momentum of giving and match their generous gifts?

Our work takes resources that supporters like you can help provide. We spend approximately Ksh. 200 on each family to get them a decent meal every day. The amount is enough for 3kgs of flour (Unga ya Ugali) 1 big cabbage and 1/8kgs of cooking fat.

These groceries are readily available, and affordable to feed a large number of families on a weekly basis. Together, we can be a powerful support system for each other- no matter how far apart we are from each other. Help more families put food on the table through your generous donation. You will join a community of united individuals across the country who are participating in this Feeding Program.

Our Ask

Sahihi Interior builders seeks to partner with individuals, foundations or institutional partners this holiday season to support its mission through donating towards this feeding program. Should this opportunity be of interest to you/your organization, kindly contact the undersigned:

Please channel your donations through M-pesa Till number 5181247

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