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3 min readJun 24, 2021
Resilience and Trust

Sahihi Green Run is Sahihi Interior Builder’s annual event that is held in Kiambu County, on the month of May. This event takes place amidst Yara tea and coffee estate farms, through Sasini, Githiga and kawaida with the finishing point at Cianda High School.

The race is usually designed in 3 different distance; 5 km, 10 Km and 21Km. However, due to the unavoidable effects of the current Pandemic, we designed 2 types of events, a 15 km run for all participants and a 40 km cycle loop for cyclists. This was our first year to introduce cycling, and it was fun!

We introduced Cycling!

Sahihi Green Runs

1. First Edition, 26th May 2018

2. Second Edition, 25th May 2019

3. Third Edition, 23rd May 2020

4. Fourth Edition, 29th May 2021

Objectives of Sahihi Green Run

1. Food Security

2. Education

3. Environment Care

Food Security

Sahihi Interior Builders continues to work with communities around the tea and coffee farms in developing and training the people reliable and sustainable ways to practice permaculture so they can get constant access to quality, nutritious food.


Participating in supporting bright students to further their education to the university level is a key pillar that we dedicate time and energy to. Millions of young people across the country miss the opportunity to access higher education due to financial constraints. The Sahihi Green Run allocates funds raised during the event to the fees required for a qualified student to attend an institution for higher education.

Environment Care

Environmental protection and sustainability has never been more crucial than today. With global warming taking shape at a faster rate than ever before, and ice melting of the coldest regions in the world. The little effort any of us take in their own little extremely important. Just because something is happening slowly doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening, thus the reason why we encourage tree plantation every year. That one tree makes a difference.

This year, The Sahihi Green Run team, in collaboration with the students planted numerous trees in their schools

What would you do to work towards environmental protection and sustainability? Simply answered, plant trees; for fruits, shade and protection against soil erosion. We identify schools to plant trees for. We partner with the students in these schools who help us look after the trees.

This year we planted trees in 3 schools: Njenga Karume Primary, Gatatha Primary, and Cianda High School. We donated trees to Githiga boys and Gatatha tea farm too.

We continue to go green, support healthy living and take the responsibility to educate the future generation.



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