What kind of changes should we expect in the business world after COVID-19?

What will working from home look like after covid-19?

Technology has been a leading vehicle of change in the workplace for a long time. A lot of companies have had no choice but to implement technology in the day to day tasks. This has led to a replacement of numerous human jobs, and consequently forced people in various professions to think hard about alternatives incase they find themselves out of a job sooner than ever imagined.

Now with the current pandemic, we are definitely going to see numerous office positions being phased out. Working from home has now opened up a world of new possibilities for all of us. For instance, if it took a professional 8hours to complete an assigned task in the office, working from home could present a different trend where the same tasks are completed in just 5 or 6 hours. This could mean an opportunity to take up another job, or even start a business. For some.

For others, it will mean a loss of a job. For example, If everyone starts working from home, what will be the job of a Human Resource Manager? Who will they manage if no one is in the office? Are employees going to start managing themselves? How will that look like? What will be the job of an office cleaner if there is no one dirtying the space? Which other jobs are being threatened by our new norm? which businesses will survive and adapt? Which ones will have to close down?

Social distancing has led many interior designers back to the drawing board. Open office spaces are no longer a trend. Conference spaces and social spaces are being re-evaluated.

These are hard questions that are somewhat difficult to answer at this time. However, they cannot be ignored forever. Change is coming and it’s coming fast.

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